Verification passed!

Charitable foundation "Believe in yourself" received the CAF International certificate.

From now on, "Believe in Yourself" is one of the organizations that have passed CAF International validation, which means that we have undergone a comprehensive application process and due diligence at one of CAF International's global offices.

The CAF International Verified Organization Mark is awarded to organizations that have a structure and operate as non-profit organizations. This is supported by a validation process that goes far beyond simply using a foreign government database.

CAF International's validation process includes a review of the organization's key operational elements, such as its governing structure, registration status, annual financial statements, internet, and media presence, as well as board members and senior staff. The verification process ensures that all funds sent to the organization are used for charity, and this allows CAF International and their donors to reduce the risk of fraud, money laundering and other criminal activity.

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