"There is bread!" and there will be, because the Independents create the future!

From tourism to baking. How to make your dream come true and help people?

Oleksandr Semchuk left a successful business abroad to start his own business in Ukraine. Now the team bakes 60 varieties of bread a day, so there is always "Bread!".

Thanks to winning The course towards Independence, Oleksandr's business was able to survive the difficult year of the full-scale invasion and provide jobs to those who needed them most.

The story of the bakery is a very good and heartbreaking one. During the war, this place became a lifeline for many bakers from all over Ukraine who were far from home.

The majority of the Khlib Ye team are IDPs. Now the team is actively working, and the bakery's bread is available both at the front and in orphanages.

We are grateful to our Independents for their resilience and work - watch the story of Oleksandr and the team in the ShoTam video.

The course towards Independence was organised in partnership by the Astarta-Kyiv agricultural holding, the Believe in Yourself Charitable Foundation, the German government - the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and the German Development Bank DEG.