It is a year of full-scale war.

We are united for victory and fight with the enemies with a united front: the military are on the battlefield with weapons in their hands, and the rear is held by all those who have Ukraine in their hearts.💛💙

Our humanitarian project Common Help UA has been operating for almost a year now, which was formed thanks to the cooperation of businesses, international partners, public organizations and thousands of caring Ukrainians to help Ukrainians.

We are not alone, the whole world is with us, we are constantly supported.

Once again, we thank Donau Soja Association, together with which, as part of Common Help UA project, we provided humanitarian aid to six psycho-neurological boarding schools in Khmelnytskyi and Ternopil regions.

Food, clothes, a generator and other necessary items arrived at Vynogradivskyi, Dunayevetskyi, Medzhibizskyi, Bazaliyaskyi, Kushnyrivskyi and Pidvolochyskyi specialized institutions for more than 500 of its residents.

🤝We are sincerely grateful to our partners for their concern, your help is invaluable!