Collecting donations to help the motherland of Oleksandr Semko from Velyka Dimerka

We introduce you the family of Oleksandr Semko from Velyka Dymerka, Kyiv region. The Common Help UA team has recently visited his home.

During the occupation, the family home was intentionally burned by the occupiers for entertainment. Miraculously, the small outbuilding did not burn down.
 A family with a child with cerebral palsy who needs regular training to avoid exacerbation of the disease, needs the following assistance to arrange a place to live: household appliances (refrigerator, microwave), exercise equipment for the child, pumping station for water.
We are starting to collect donations to help the family of Oleksandr Semko from Velyka

‼ ️Total UAH 50,000 is needed For donation >>>

Friends, let's help. We guarantee reports on the use of donations.