Keeping the Heading towards independence: supporting small and medium-sized businesses for Ukraine's development

"We're not looking to do small things, we're looking for bigger projects that will have an impact..." explains Howard Buffett, an American billionaire, philanthropist, farmer, and great friend of Ukraine.

But Ukraine supports both small and medium-sized businesses.

The €12,000 grant was awarded to 60 Ukrainian entrepreneurs who won the "Course to Independence" grant competition. It is organised jointly with Astarta-Kyiv by the German development bank DEG and the Believe in Yourself Charitable Foundation.

The winners received equipment worth this amount for business development.

This has become a good example of how large Ukrainian businesses are involved in supporting communities, increasing their capacity and resilience during the war.

Read more about the assistance of The Howard G. Buffett Foundation, which donated agricultural machinery, facilitated demining, restored irrigation systems, and the "Course to Independence" project, see the interview with Howard Buffett