The displaced have found shelter and with the support of the Common Help UA project, they are making preserves

We are in the Narkevychy community, where internally displaced persons from hot spots who have found shelter here are making preserves on the basis of the Narkevytskyi Sugar Plant with the support of the Common Help UA project.

And this is Halyna Syrenkova from Mykolaiv.
- Since the beginning of the war, we have been constantly bombed. So we couldn't stand it, and in April we came to Khmelnytskyi region. I really liked the region, I was impressed by the cleanliness near the houses, the hospitality, generosity and hard work of the local residents. Me and Maria, my friend and relative, with whom we came together, now work here together, started to arrange our life here. We planted vegetables: beets, potatoes, and cucumber-tomatoes. Like at home, we stocked up for the winter...

But they did not limit themselves to this: they rallied and within the humanitarian project Common Help UA produced more than 7,100 cans of various preservation. The first batches have already been handed over to the families of IDP who currently live in the Narkevychy community.
- All products are made with love. Work drives away sad thoughts, it encourages concentration and work. So we hope that people, tasting these products, will feel our sincere desire to help and our love.

What do we dream about? Of course, about victory! We believe that peace will reign in Ukraine. And also: we really want to go home, see and hug our relatives...

We all believe in victory. We thank our Armed Forces. And we sincerely admire Halyna and all these wonderful, hardworking people.