Astarta-Kyiv unites Ukrainian food producers to provide humanitarian aid

Since the first days of the full-scale invasion, Astarta's team has been focused on helping civilians and the military, individuals and communities. It was then that we launched our large-scale humanitarian project Common Help Ukraine and a separate area - packing food parcels for Ukrainians affected by the hostilities.

Many communities on the front line and even from the occupied territories asked us to help with food. We mobilised quickly. We launched the collection and packaging of food parcels at our production facilities in Khmelnytsky region and organised delivery to Kharkiv, Sumy, Mykolaiv, Kherson and Odesa regions.

At that time, the market was in a state of confusion: logistics routes were disrupted, some manufacturing companies were unable to operate and therefore relocated, and some regions were severely short of food.

We sent the first batches of sets with a small number of items, mainly those that we could quickly produce ourselves or receive under a tolling scheme from our manufacturing partners. We sent flour, cereals, oil, canned meat and, of course, added our own sugar. We did everything as volunteers, feeling the urgent need for charitable assistance. The team prepared and sent more than 35,000 food parcels and continues this work to this day.

In the spring of 2022, the Federation of Employers of Ukraine, together with the International Labour Organization and the Danish Government, offered us to participate in the project "International Partners Support - Ukraine Produces - Ukrainians Receive Help". We united 25 domestic companies, expanded the range of products, created 30 new jobs on the packaging line for internally displaced persons, and sent and delivered kits to humanitarian hubs at the level of regional military administrations.
This model has proved to be a win-win solution, so the work continues: Astarta continues to develop the ecosystem and unites Ukrainian food producers to provide humanitarian aid.

The kits are packed exclusively with domestically produced food that meets the highest quality and safety standards.This eliminates imports and strengthens the capacity of the domestic market and the country's economy.

We continue to work with international humanitarian programmes and partners: Astarta is always open to cooperation and strives to share its positive experience further.We are convinced that by supporting Ukrainian business, creating jobs, helping each other, contributing to the budget, ensuring the stability of Ukraine's economy and bringing our Victory closer.
We are working for Victory - join us!