During the war, everything is important to people: material support, but even more so, moral support

In the course of implementing the SMILYVI project, we communicate, train these people and support their projects for six months. During this time, we see how these entrepreneurs develop in their understanding of business, values, and goals.

We see their businesses grow and become more successful. I believe that such businesses are the future. To develop people's initiative, to give them a starting impetus, professional assistance in drawing up business plans, and, perhaps most importantly, to enter the markets - not only local, but also the Ukrainian and foreign markets in general.

And in this sense, professional assistance from the bank and more experienced companies such as Astarta is extremely important for these entrepreneurs," Viktor Ivanchyk is convinced.

"Almost a year ago, we launched the SMILYVI project to help regional entrepreneurs develop their businesses.

Watch the video interview with Oleksandr Pysaruk and Viktor Ivanchyk to find out how the project has performed, what entrepreneurs think of it, and whether it will continue.