Settlers visit the city and try to turn back home

The war in Ukraine brings not only ruin and death, but also an food crisis for the whole world.
Many families who previously hoped to buy vegetables lost their homes and incomes.

Therefore, the humanitarian project Common Help decided to support 740 families of displaced persons and provided them with 1,071 sets of seeds so that people could grow vegetables and provide themselves with fresh vegetables.
Families planted vegetables in the gardens of families who provided them with shelter.

Tatiana Gordiychuk's family was forced to leave their home in Kharkiv in early March. They were sheltered in the Bilytska community and housed in the dormitory of the Kobeliatsky Sugar Plant.

"Our family likes their homeland very much. And we miss our gardens so much, so here we sowed onions, radishes, cucumbers, zucchini, planted seedlings of peppers and tomatoes. Thanks to the Common Help UA humanitarian project, we will have our own harvest”.

Schools also joined the action. Thus, Volochysk-Agro LLC shared the seeds with Tarnorudska Secondary School.

"We are sincerely grateful to the organizers, - the teachers said. - These are not just material values, but the hope that we will overcome any difficulties together. People are engaged in work, distracted from the constant psychological war pressure. We have the opportunity to grow products for the school and internally displaced persons who have found refuge here. "