Mental health for every Ukrainian within Safe Space

The conditions of the nine-year war pose serious challenges to mental health, and psychological support is critical to helping us cope with stress, loss and other daily challenges. Preserve yourself - mentally and physically. Without the former, there will be no latter.

Step by step, our society is getting rid of stereotypes about psychological help, more and more people are turning to specialists, and requests are growing. But what about accessibility?

It is important that psychological support and assistance services are accessible - in small towns and rural areas.

One such project that provides assistance in local communities is Safe Space, which operates in Krasyliv, Khmelnytskyi region, Shyshaky, Poltava region, and Bucha, Kyiv region.

Today, there are more than 33 support groups for families of veterans, IDPs, people with disabilities and their families, and the elderly. Safe space has held 35 workshops for schools, hospitals, kindergartens, and social services.

We invite you to join Safe Space, where you can

- get psychological help - both individual and group, online and offline;

- feel the effect of art therapy;

- attend psychological workshops;

- improve your IT literacy;

- join initiatives together with young people and older people - English club, volunteering, cultural events;

- get advice on various social issues.

We believe that Safe Space is a truly safe space where everyone can find support and like-minded people, and about 1200 people have already done so!