Lyudmila Miroshnichenko - craft cheese

We would like to introduce you to Lyudmila Miroshnichenko, a participant of the Smilyvi project, who, despite the difficult situation in the country, continues to create her small business.
We asked about when and how she started her journey. Therefore, it all started with questions to herself more than 4 years ago: "What have I achieved? What can I do and what do I like to do? What inspires me?"

"I was impressed by the production of craft cheese because one useful product is produced of another useful product. It was just magic for me. I firmly decided to master this skill," she says.
Lyudmila started her studies with online classes because she was raising her young son.
" I had my first sales just in the second month of practice in cheese making. Local residents and employees of Slovyanska TPP were the first who tasted my products (I am from the Donetsk region), and I also successfully distributed the products through the Instagram page @Mila_Cheese_»

"I came to the grant competition in order to receive financial assistance for the development of my business. Unfortunately, the war in our country has changed the conditions and place of my activity. Part of my equipment remained in the Donetsk region, and I plan to purchase the rest with my own funds and partly with the expense of investors, if I manage to win the competition," she adds.

Participation in Smilyvi is like breath of fresh air for her, it is faith and hope to realize her dream.
"I plan to organize a cheese factory for the production of European-level craft cheeses, using European technologies with a Ukrainian flavor," Lyudmila explains.

"I really liked the training on writing a business plan. And I noted the main points of the lessons with great pleasure. Thanks to Yuri Vasyliovych, I received answers to a number of questions that interested me. Anatoliy perfectly found a way out of force majeure situations that occurred due to an emergency power outage, contacted the participants and guided us in organizational matters (special thanks to him)".