Winter is coming: 26,000 cans of preservation - done!

Have you stocked up for the winter? Because we do, and we take care of our communities and forcibly displaced families who do not have the opportunity to provide themselves and their relatives with food in the cold season.

26000 jars of delicious preserves and pickles are the result of joint work. And we continue to work!

We sincerely thank the partners of our humanitarian project Common Help UA for their support: DEG German bank , Raiffeisen Bank Ukraine and the Government of Switzerland. In the summer, we jointly started making preserves for displaced people and residents of hot spots who temporarily live away from home.

Such kind of business model gives extremely powerful impulses, because the project:
  • provides support to needy internally displaced families and solves food problems
  • creates new jobs
  • supports a local manufacturer
  • contributes to the stability of the economy.

Our productions work in 4 locations in Poltava region and Khmelnytskyi region, the assortment includes more than three dozen names, thousands of people in country received help.

 Let's survive the winter together!