10 generators were transferred to the outpatient clinic of Bucha community

Together with Common Help UA and the Believe in Yourself Charitable Foundation, 10 such necessary generators were donated to the Bucha Community Outpatient Clinic.

Physicians during the war on a special front saving the lives of defenders and civilians.

To provide assistance in the community's medical facilities, quick access to calls, staff from our foreign friends from the sister cities of Poland and Germany received ambulances. The other day, during an visit to Bucha, Metropolitan Epiphanius handed over two resuscitation vehicles to the Chief Physician of the Bucha Primary Health Care Center, Oksana Jam.

But assistance for the stable operation of institutions continues to come: Astarta-Kyiv agro-industrial holding provided the Bucha community's outpatient clinics with generators.

As the deputy mayor of Bucha Serhiy Shepetko noted: "This is not the first aid provided to the community by the holding's representatives!"

Thanks to everyone who helps to win and rebuild!

Together strength!