Kharkiv... it is our hero city

Kharkiv... it is our hero city. It was one of the first to be attacked by the Rashists, and continues to suffer from shelling daily.

Many villages in the Kharkiv region were under occupation for several months, the results of which are known to everyone: thousands of destroyed houses, tens of thousands of affected families.

The Common Help UA humanitarian project, together with its partners, has been taking care of the residents of Kharkiv and the region near the front since the beginning of the war.
Recently, with the support of Vodafone Ukraine and the "Believe in Yourself" charitable foundation, we handed over 4,555 food kits to the residents of Kharkiv and the de-occupied territories of Kharkiv region.

These are people with disabilities, low-income families and families with many children, senior citizens from hot spots who cannot leave their homes for various reasons: these people need our help the most.

So, the cooperation continues.
Currently, together with Vodafone Ukraine and "Believe in yourself" charitable found we prepare for sending almost 7,000 food kits to residents of Mykolaiv and the region.

We thank our partners for their concern!

You can also join the project with funds by following the link: