We donated 2 tons food, utensils and household appliances for the Paralympians of Western Rehabilitation and Sports Center of the NCSDU

Common Help UA and partners donated 2 tons food, utensils and household appliances for the Western Rehabilitation and Sports Center of the NCSDU.

Since the first day of the aggressor's invasion, the Western Center has become safe shelter for 262 refugees fleeing the horrors of war.

There are 56 children, pregnant women, the elderly, and people with disabilities (including those who are in wheelchairs) among them. These people had to leave their homes in regions that there are active hostilities and bombings.

“Members of the Ukraine national Paralympic team with their families settled here. These sportsmen performed phenomenally at the 2022 Paralympics in China and took a record second place in the team event, won 29 medals, including 11 gold, 10 silver and 8 bronze medals live in Center. It was a victory that gave hope, hope and even faith that Ukraine will defeat the killer country and be prosperous and happy!

Due to funding problems, the Center has encountered significant difficulties in purchasing food, medicine and incontinence to ensure the lives and health of hundreds of affected Ukrainian citizens, including people with disabilities, Paralympians, children, and elderly people who have found refuge in the Center.

Therefore, what you have done for all the people who are currently in the Center is essential! We are grateful to the “Povir u sebe” Charitable Foundation and its partner Carlsberg: you have not only provided humanitarian support, but also saved hundreds of people from the war! Your help is a contribution to the development of Ukrainian charity and significant support for the affected Ukrainians in this difficult time! ” - noted the Center on its Facebook page