Antonina Koreshkova - creation of homestead for recreation

Here is another interesting business of our talented Ukrainian: a salon for the Ukrainian style handmade products creation and the creation of homestead for recreation, from Antonina Koreshkova, the participant of the Smilyvi project.

"We already have a concept. My son creates handmade furniture, I paint and decorate it. Our common dream was to create a house for recreation in which these things will be the highlight. And we would have opened earlier if it weren't for the war," she says.

During her studies she was able to learn a lot about incomprehensible issues of creating a business plan, both as from the moderators and so from independent study. The most interesting thing was to learn about how to advertise the products, what variable costs are and why they are variable. What is marketing and how to develop a marketing plan.

"While my son was in the war, I decided not to leave our common dream and plastered with clay 2 houses, that we bought to create a tourist estate. One of them should become a house-museum," says Antonina.

Antonina dreams to make an eco-mansion for 8 beds. Various master classes are to be held there to popularize Ukrainian culture.

"We have developed interesting routes and will offer our own wood products and services at the estate. These are our ideas. We are really looking forward to the end of the war in order to invite everyone to rest in our blooming, quiet and peaceful Ukraine," concludes Antonina.